6 Steps To Getting A Job After Graduation

6 Steps To Getting A Job After Graduation

Getting a job after graduation is not easy. It helps if you have interned in a relevant role during college and have therefore created some real life work experience. If this is the case, then make sure you leverage every contact you have made and list every relevant experience on your resume.

If you have not had any intern experience, then you need to work a bit harder at your resume optimisation and networking to create new opportunities for yourself.

6 Steps To Getting A Job After Graduation

If you are applying for any professional role after graduation, then make sure you do each of the following things.

  • Clean Up Your Social Profile

The first thing you need to do is clean up your social profile. Ideally, you should do this a few months before graduation. This will ensure that there is time for all offensive materials to be identified and removed from all browsers. If you are not sure how to check every detail, have a look at our posts below. They will step you through every search you need to do and how to clean up undesirable comments and images.

  • Define Your Vision & Goals

When you first graduate your goal is usually to get a job, any job in fact. We understand you are desperate for a job and have student loans to pay, but it is worth taking some time to be clear about your goals and vision. Think about and then write down your short term and long term goals and the vision you have for your career and future. Even though you will probably take any job that come along, there is a very high chance employers will ask you about your short and long term goals.  You need to have an inspiring and intelligent answer for both that does not make you look desperate.

  • Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile and Seek Out Recruiters

When you are looking for a job, LinkedIn is one of your best assets. It is well worth the time it takes to create a powerful LinkedIn profile that employers and recruiters will notice. If you are not sure what makes a great profile, look at the posts below which will step you through the process.

  • Create a Keyword Resume For Every Application

You cannot use the same resume for every job application, it just does not work. You must adjust your resume for every single job application you send off. You do this by comparing the job description and criteria to your basic resume. Then, you subtly adjust your resume to make sure it meets every point requested on the job description. You also need to make sure your resume include relevant keywords. Most companies use resume screening software to  review the first round of application and you want to make sure your resume is chosen.

  • Execute A Smart Job Search Strategy

You can spend all day applying for hundreds of different jobs to give yourself the best chance at an interview. Chances are you don’t have all day, so you need to be smarter about your job search process. If you are to succeed at getting a job after graduation then you need to optimise your google settings, download the best free job search apps and search the right employment engines and get all those things working for you.

  • Network

You can never do enough networking and you will never get to a point when you no longer need to network. The first step is to accept that fact. The second step is to create an elevator pitch for networking events and job interviews. Then you need to join the relevant alumni and industry bodies, attend networking events and develop your relationships with your professors, work colleagues, friends and family.

Once you have done all the tasks above, you will have greatly improved your chances of getting a job after graduation. The final thing you need to try and do is create relevant work experience for yourself. You can do this by finding an intern role, volunteering at a well known charity or large company or taking on a temp job in a company within your industry. This will not only create relevant work experience it will also expand your professional network.

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